We are Writers, Directors, Consultants, Producers, Idea Machines, Storytellers, Obsessed with the Rhythm of Life and Evolving the Collective Mind Towards Deeper Connection. 

Our work is wild, winsome, often funny and only for good.

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serialized content

Usually funny, catchy, short serialized content.


branded content

Look & feel/concept brand videos  that speak to your audience.  




Clear, concise and thought-provoking educational, promo and corporate documentary videos.

We pride ourselves for being a fun, innovative group of artists whose brains, hearts and hands are working for you.  We bring a breadth of experience that allows us to relate to you but also translate your vision into video you hadn't even imagined possible.


Either you come to us with a specific video request or we use our expert listening skills to assess the what kind of video content would serve you.  


We pitch video options, you decide what you like most.


We work together to finalize concept and the we deliver scripting and storyboards.


With the help of a talented crew, we produce, direct and deliver final videos.

 Photo by Alexo Wandael

Photo by Alexo Wandael

Martha Williams

Founder, Writer, Director

Martha comes from a ridiculously "diverse" background that gives her the creative juice of a mac truck.  Preacher's kid, too tall girl forced into basketball submission, saleslady, life coach, sustainability activist, valet car parker...you get the picture.

She's been making art since 2003.  First as a choreographer and since 2007 as a writer/director for video.

For the past 3 years, she acted as the Creative Director for video at NeuroLeadership Institute, making more than 40 videos with her team. 

She's also the founder of the BugHouse SPIN, the precursor to BugHouse Media. The SPIN was a NYC based live storytelling show that started 2013 in Bushwick and ended at the KGB bar in 2015.

Her passion is hearing people's stories, uncovering the unsaid and her very short dog Franklin.  

You can see more of her work at MarthaWilliams.info.

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marlene nichols

Producer, Writer

Raised in the South by a German mother, Marlene thinks of her childhood as “Tennessee Williams meets The Blue Angel.”

She has written and produced documentary pieces for Vice-President Al Gore’s Climate Reality Project and AOL Studios. But more importantly, as an Arctic explorer she works well under extreme pressure, be it tight deadlines or navigating icebergs (or dealing with polar bears).

A wildly magnetic storyteller with an ear for dialogue, Marlene specializes in transforming personal narratives into universally appealing content. People say she’s funny.

Having experienced firsthand how the stories shape our lives, she has become an advocate for new ways of looking at aging and serves as a memoir teacher for senior citizens through the EngAGE network. 


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