What makes us stand apart from all the other hundreds of content makers and consultants? 

(1) We Get You

We have been interested in systems thinking and cultural transformation for decades so if you are a B-corp, social impact endeavor, poet at heart, doing good all around; we have the same passion.  In her early 20s while training as a dancer and choreographer, Martha was a student of anthropology and a sustainability activist.  In fact she formed the New York Alliance for Sustainability with a cadre of cohorts under Terry Gipps and even co-produced the Interdependent Film Festival.  She was involved in SVN, Pop Sustainability & Small Planet Fund.  And as it goes…her first full-length theater piece at The Flea was about the perils of fast food.

(2) We Get Your Again

We are deep listeners.  We have a keen eye and ear for truth.  This means even if you don’t know your truth, we probably do.   Did you even know there are three levels of listening?  Did you know that people’s faces say it all?  Did you know listening is a full body experience?  Having trained as a certified coach (CTI) and a film director (MFA film directing CalArts), Martha’s been studying people for years.

 (3) We Get How To Make Stuff

We are storytellers, communicators, culture shakers and agitators.  Martha has been making “work” for 15 years.  She’s not a traditional filmmaker with one steady area of expertise.  She doesn’t just do documentary or commercial or narrative or comedy, etc.  She does whatever is next and will do whatever it takes. If next is a corporate educational video, yes, she’ll do it.  If it’s flash mob performance, then fine, twist her arm, she’ll do it.  If next is a brand video, fine.  What about a comedy?  Yes, she’ll do a comedy…in fact she loves doing comedies.  If next is a music video, she’s there with a dance routine.  What about a piece of writing, yes please, let’s write. Documentary short?  Portrait piece?  Live stories?  Commercials? What about a multi-media piece?  Yes, yes, yes, yes!  Please let’s make stuff! 

Let’s use the power of story, communication, people, space, time, music, worlds…to leave a mark for good.