Video is almost essential to marketing your business nowadays. But if you’re a small to mid-sized company, what’s the best approach to video?

I see so many visionaries who get really stuck on this aspect of their story. As a seasoned multi-hyphenate video and event maker, I help clients make good decisions about video. And for the right client, I’ll even make the videos!

Do you want to do a video but don’t have any solid ideas for your video yet?

Do you have a video idea but have no idea how to approach making it?

Do you have a video you’ve made but not sure if it’s good or not?

Do you want to consider making video advertising but again, don’t have a video department in your company or an agency that you work with to make something?

Are you in the dark about video and need help?

I offer several Video Consulting packages:

Video campaign ideation

Video Production Assessment & Recommendations

Video feedback

Marketing Video campaign development