Video Consulting

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Are you?

A small to mid-sized company making a new marketing, product or educational video.

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Let’s talk

I’ll help you make good decisions about your video projects while not wasting money.

But how?

We’ll start with a conversation to assess what you need.

Then we will quickly decide where to focus our energies and get to the work of making exceptional video.

Here are the things we could work on:

  • 360 thinking; longterm vision and strategy from inception to distribution

  • Content Strategy

  • Script feedback

  • Production strategy

  • Production planning

  • Hiring the best team

  • Pre-production guide: storyboarding, troubleshooting, casting, locations

  • Post-production guide: edit, sound, color

  • Distribution consulting

  • Marketing consulting?

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Consultation by the hour

If you just want a sounding board say on a video hire, perhaps quick feedback on a video, or maybe you want feedback on a script or a deck, this may be for you.

Full day intensive vision session $2,800

1 hour preparation; send me all your stuff!  As an experienced video maker, I do a preliminary review of materials + after speaking I’ll make sure to pull any relevant materials so we can get to work when we see each other.

30 minute preparation client preparation call where I hear from you about where you think we need to go and focus

8 hour in person, one-on-one workshop where we dig into the determined areas of focus.

1 hour integration call, it’s likely you’ll have a treasure chest of insight and things to do after our workshop. In this integration call, we will address this and get you set up to sail into a brand/strategy that works.


$2,800 for an in person session or $2,400 for a virtual session -- includes 30 min planning call, 1.5 prep, 8 hour day long branding day, 1 hour follow up integration call.

A non-refundable deposit of $500 is required to schedule a session