Founder, Martha Williams offers storytelling coaching to a handful of clients.

I’m a Filmmaker, Ideator, Brand Consultant & Strategist

& ONCE UPON A TIME…I didn’t think I was a storyteller.

I thought I was a basketball player, dancer, sustainability activist, life coach, yoga teacher, choreographer.

Then I became a filmmaker and thought…I must be a storyteller now!

It turns out that I was always a storyteller but didn’t know it.

I just didn’t truly understand this until I started to do live storytelling with the BugHouse SPIN, a show I ran for 2 years at KGB Bar.

Through this experience, I realized it was my unique motivation for living, my voice, my Martha-style curiosity, my anxiety, fear and hang ups that created my own life story and engined the stories I told.

And THAT motivation is essentially the #1 main ingredient to storytelling.

I help people at the most basic level connect to their authentic inner storyteller. And from there, I help them learn to craft their stories so they are engaging and accomplished.

I primarily work with individuals on an hourly basis involved with podcasting, social media story telling, live storytelling, pitching, scripting, & performance.


15 min FREE discovery call where I get a sense of your current situation.

Preparation where I listen, read or watch your work.

1 hour session where I help you understand your motivations, strengths and weaknesses as storyteller either with a specific piece or in general.

You will also get a resource pack to help you navigate and work through your storytelling in the future.

I also offer ongoing coaching.