A Branded Webseries About DatES "gone wrong"

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2-3 minute episodes where, when dates go wrong, you RUN FOR YOUR LIFE.

CELINE goes on one date after another that goes wrong at which point she has a terrifying fantasy of a future gone wrong. That’s when she runs for her life (over the top brand fucking here & tagline here: RUN FOR YOUR LIFE).

RICHARD also goes on endless dates gone wrong + fantasy + running. 

Ultimately each time Celine and Richard run, they pass each other.  And then the rest is history.



Celine is a steely eyed beauty “everywoman” who reads a lot of modern feminist literature.  She’s trying to find love.  She’s open minded and seemingly game for adventure but ultimately men are big shadows that try to control her.  

Potentially looks like pic above, not yet cast.



Richard is an above average “everyman” who laughs and complains in the proper doses.  But his own mediocrity and the mediocrity around him is really starting to get to him.

Potentially looks like pic above, not yet cast.  

        Episode loglines

Ep. 1: Granny Oil

Celine meets Paul (38) a new age dude who she quickly discovers keeps older ladies company under the guise of “just sharing his homemade homeopathic oils.”  

Ep. 2: CEO

Richard meets Amanda (39) a “freelance CEO” who once bought a mule for $15K and keeps calling Richard “son”.  When Richard tries to lighten the mood, she ultimately calls him sexist.


Celine meets Dave (33) a sweet, sexy guy with an unfortunate, uncontrollable hair fetish.  Celine tries to empathize but Dave quickly gets defensive, “Would it be weird if I were a leg guy?”


Richard meets Nancy (32) an earthy, beautiful massage therapist/narcissist who won’t stop talking about herself and her co-worker’s boyfriend who she clearly has a crush on.  


Celine meets Jerry (28) a thin, clean cut mortician who can’t take a joke.  Pushed to his edge of sarcasm, a peeved Jerry says he’d paint Celine’s face like Donald Trump’s if he had to “do her makeup” when she was dead.  Celine jokes that she loves Donald Trump.  Jerry still can’t take a joke and runs for his life.  

Ep. 6: BABY

Richard meets Sabrina (36) corporate cute single mom who brings her baby to the date.  Now, Richard wants kids but this kid can puke on command.  

Visual Look


The image will have an unsaturated and natural feel to make the viewer feel like it could be their life -- to make it relatable. This more neutral palette, is a wonderful jumping off point where color and camera movement can be used as emphasis. The beginning of episodes will always feature the main character to capture her/his emotional and physical world. We could use hand held moving shots to experience their POV on the lead up to the date. The camera will be set on the date from the main character's POV and we will capture plenty of reactions shots. Sprinkled throughout the episode, we will use handheld camera movement to accentuate the comedy and include the naturally funny world of New York. Natural light and the attention to physical surroundings will also draw us into the world of the date. Fantasy scenes will be shot in black spaces and lit like theater for dramatic effect. The moment the main character realizes they need to run for their life, they could look straight into the camera. This would draw the audience in even more, and make us feel like friends.