At last! Run for Your Life Launches Valentine's Day! Pre-launch Event Feb 7


Prelude to a Kiss, Pre-Launch Event February 7 at KGB Bar Red Room

Join the cast of Run for Your Life, Singleling, and other special guests for a night of live stories, a sneak preview of one episode of web series Run For Your Life and LOVE panel; all focusing on dating and love during the modern digital age.

New York, New York, Run For Your Life and Singleling are proud to announce, Prelude to a Kiss, a Pre-launch Event for Run for Your Life, a brand new dark-comedy web series by BugHouse Media about dealing with the trials and tribulations that online dating brings that can make anybody RUN FOR THEIR LIFE!

Prelude to a Kiss, Pre-launch Event will be in New York at KGB Bar’s Red Room on February 7th, 2018 from 6PM-9PM with doors opening at 6PM and the show beginning at 7PM, starting with live stories, a sneak preview of one episode of Run For Your Life and panel with special guests discussing modern romance, technology and the role of fantasy.

About the Venue

KGB Bar is located at 85 E 4th Street, New York, New York 10003.

No cover, but KGB Bar does have a two drink minimum.

About the Event

Prelude to a Kiss will be a pre-launch event for Run for Your Life in partnership with Singleling, where those in attendance will have the opportunity to meet storytellers, thinkers, makers and the cast & team behind Run for Your Life as well as figures in the world of digital dating.

The event will have many special guests including live storytellers: Carolyn Castigila (Comedy Central, VH1), Tamara Shephard (RFYL cast member), Tarik Daniels, and Vanessa Valerio (founder of Singleling).  Followed by the LOVE Panel discussing dating in the digital age, moderated by Martha Williams (Founder of BugHouse Media and creator of Run for Your Life), which includes Mark Pagán (Other Men Need Help), Rachel Hills (The Sex Myth), Vana Koutsomitis (Date Play), and Hunt Ethridge (Hunt for Advice).

The featured event of the night is a sneak preview of one episode of Run For Your Life.  In Run for Your Life, our two main characters, Richard (Zack Gold, Best Comedy Actor nominee for the International Academy Of Web Television (Stockholm)) and Celine (Mia Darrow), encounter one ridiculous date after another. After imagining how the relationship could go even more terribly wrong, they RUN FOR THEIR LIVES….all over town.  

The 4-episode web series created by Martha Williams (founder - Bughouse Media) will launch on YouTube with the hope for love in the air, February 14. The series is an honest relief from the push/pull, love/hate feeling technology has inspired in modern times, balanced with the timeless search for “the one,” and capturing the “I can’t believe this is happening” feeling that so many of us have experienced in online dating.

The team comprises of creator/writer/director Martha Williams, a wild and winsome former choreographer turned filmmaker; along with the Gemini firecracker producer, Ashley George and the natural, truthful flow of Lucky Cheung’s cinematography.   

The creators are taking on an anthology format, where each season will follow a diverse set of characters set in different worlds, for example: Gay actors in LA, working class Ohio, progressive Seattle, Georgia farmers, transgender in San Francisco, workaholics in NY.

It’s a fictional show motivated by the director’s quest to understand both the absurdity and complexity behind the search for love in modern technological times; blending surreal comedy and life, revealing raw heart.

Currently, launch is planned for YouTube and the team is searching out other distribution opportunities funding for future episodes and seasons.

Selected clips from the series can be screened for journalists. The series creator & selected cast members are available for interviews about “RUN FOR YOUR LIFE.”

1/3 of the way there: Run for Your Life Crowdfunding UPDATE

We are so grateful for the love, support and funds that are making Run for Your Life come to life thus far.  As a third of the way into the campaign, we are happy to report that:

We have 42 backers and have raised a total of $1,853.00!

It's is stunning how people not only reached out with their financial backing but also, with their creative thinking to help us find ways to spread the word.

This is important because it's not only funds that we need, we need a crowd.  Get it CROWDfunding.

As a result, we've made good progress getting the project out there in social media and working to connect with thought leaders and cultural influencers.  This will ultimately become important as we promote the final product.

Run for Your Life now has a Facebook page, and also a twitter account and I am now more regularly on instagram, twitter and facebook.

Even so, we still need lots of support, so if you think you'll is the time!

And we have lots of fun incentives like: a mindfulness mediation led by the Rev. Lainie Love Dalby revolving around a RAISIN, personalized photos, running gifs, haikus, a video of me singing Running up That Hill, a storytelling show IN YOUR HOUSE or the opportunity to be an Executive Producer. 

Here's some of the incentives in action:

$10 and up incentive: personalized Run for Your Life thank you

$10 and up incentive: personalized Run for Your Life thank you

$100 and up incentive: personalized haiku

$100 and up incentive: personalized haiku

Branded video for Berenik Boutique & Talent House

BugHouse Media presents
Berenik Boutique | Talent House Branded Video

We're thrilled that BugHouse had the opportunity to collaborate with friend, designer, visionary Veronika Brusa on this branded video for her new venture Berenik Boutique & Talent House (check it out!).  And double thanks to the performers and crew who's hard work and *talent* made it come alive.

Check out the video HERE and share widely!

Director, Choreographer, Editor: Martha Williams
Concept: Martha Williams & Veronika Brusa
Cinematography: Nadia Anderson, Victoria Sendra
Performance: Amanda Castro, Tamrin Goldberg, Brian Henry, Pascal Rekoert, Kathatina Burua
Clothing/Styling: Berenik
Production Coordinator: Rachel Werbel
Hair/Makeup: Cheyenne Temperio & April Zahrani


BERENIK is opening a big RETAIL STORE w/ WORKSPACES in SOHO New York!

With SHOP IN SHOP UNITS for Designers/Brands
And WORKSPACES for Creators
Here for more info