RUN FOR YOUR LIFE is a comedy web series about internet dates that make you want to run for your life.

Technology can help you find love, but it usually inspires cardiovascular activity?

WHY ? (1) Stranger dating = stinky petri dish

Online dating is mostly strangers colliding their varying degrees of fetish, freak, size, lies, mental illness, beliefs, drinking problems and desire for love, sex, marriage or distraction.  

WHY? (2) Dating surplus = disposable diaper mentality

When I first started online dating, I treated men like disposable diapers.  I was careless with myself and them. Thankfully, this eventually changed.

WHY? (3) But I want love = work it out like Forrest Gump
If you’re truly looking for a connection, The accumulation of the “I can’t believe this is happening again,” feeling will inevitably inspire you to work it out like Forrest Gump.


Based in New York City,  our two main characters CELINE and RICHARD encounter one ridiculous date after another: a “freelance CEO”, a new age freek, a green bean guy, a couple of assholes, etc.  After imagining how the relationship could go even more terribly wrong, they come to their senses and RUN FOR THEIR LIVES….all over town.  Will they find the love they are looking for?

What is RFYL?

With the onslaught of dating and hook up sites comes, “Run for Your Life,”  a comedy web series about online dates that make you literally RUN FOR YOUR LIFE.  

How is it different?

“Run for Your Life” captures the comedic, surreal YET very real “I can’t believe this is happening” feeling that so many of us have experienced in online dating.  It’s an honest relief from the push/pull, love/hate feeling that technology has inspired in modern times, balanced with the timeless search for love That’s the subtext at the heart of this funny (not snarky) and bizarre web series.

Themes & Focus Point

  • The fucking of strangers

  • Loss of intimacy

  • The loss of the physical

  • The loneliest country in the world

  • The effects of dating surplus

  • The role of fantasy or fetish in online connection

  • Finding love/finding self

  • The colliding of worlds

  • The need for physical connection

  • Assumptions we make of each other

  • Quick to judge

  • Anything goes!

The Maker's Inspiration

“Run for Your Life” is a fiction show motivated by my personal quest to understand both the absurdity and complexity behind the/my search for love in modern technological times.  With the onslaught of dating and hookup sites comes more accessibility, more options, more noise and even more dating stories… Like the time I went out with “Ray-Ban Man,” who refused to take his sunglasses off for the entire date.  In fact, the third time I asked him, he said, “The more you ask, they more it won’t happen.”

I know I’m not alone in both the PAIN and COMEDY of online dating.  

Run for Your Life is dating meets Run Lola Run. 
— Pilotlight Web Festival


It’s hilarious but it’s also a power struggle wrapped up in gender burrito.

We don’t marry the guy or girl down the street anymore (although my dad just did that). Instead we date, fuck, ghost, kittenfish, catch and release, bread-crumb, bench, do the slow fade and the stash.  All these things make for serious comedy, which is what keeps most of us alive.

But in addition to the comedy, as a maker, I’m also interested in the power behind the play, especially as it relates to given and identified gender.  What are the fantasies, assumptions, expectations created before, during and after dating, and how are they fueled by skewed ideas of power?  I believe it is these power-disconnects that can ignite dates into the realm of ridiculous absurdity.


Shows are written from either Celine or Richard’s perspective to touch on differing gender perspectives in dating.  Sexual orientation, age and geography will be explored in future episodes and over the course of the series. This is because...

Each season of “Run for Your Life” will maintain a mini-series format and be SELF CONTAINED.

Once we’re finished with Celine and Richard (hipster 30s), we’ll move on to different people, situations and towns....and these singles are always running for their life..  This will give us the opportunity to explore the wide range of people + places and how internet dates can go wrong.

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