Looking for business Partner

Business partner needed to help us elevate us into bigger, better, more impactful work at larger scales.

Who is BugHouse Media?

Spearheaded by writer/director/culturalist Martha Williams, BugHouse Media is a fun, innovative group of writers and video makers whose brains, hearts and hands are working for love and money.  We bring a breadth of experience that allows us to relate to a diversity of clients but also translate their vision into video content not yet imagined.

What is the BugHouse vision?

Modern media is a gush of mediocre content, corporate documentaries, the 15 second internet spots.  We live in a world of sell sell sell, eat eat eat.

Instead, BugHouse Media is a group of idea machines and storytellers who aim to make content that respects the intelligence of the viewer.  We have a hunger for unwrinkling the creases of culture and believe creating content with memorable, relatable characters mixed with story and humor are partially the key to this.

To this end, our vision is to work with companies tired of traditional selling and want to get behind funny, innovative, provocative branded and serialized content that contributes to a thinking society.  Now is the time more than ever for this.

More plainly put we want to work with companies that are forward thinking enough to move marketing dollars from commercials to bolder branded content.

We also want to make video for love!

What we are looking for? 

We are looking for someone who compliments Martha’s skills.

What Martha brings to the table….

Besides being an idea machine, storyteller and experienced multi-media maker, Martha brings design, writing, communication skills, a deep network, an ability to synthesize thinking for self and others and a strong confident likeable presence.  

What a business partner brings to the table….

A partner would be an enthusiastic, sharp business mind interested in helping BugHouse Media make its mark in the world.  You would be a strategic thinker who has the ability to convert leads into business, develop new leads, generally be able to close business, build out infrastructure and handle money as well as organize and prioritize time.  Additionally, you would be a natural innovator, driven by loyalty, commitment, communication and have a love of laughing, people, art and “doing good.”

Please send letter of interest and resume.