It’s easy to be overwhelmed with the work of your business, that you forget about brand/strategy.


Come play with me - a Creative Director, Brand Usher & Idea Machine.

Supercharge your brand/strategy & grow your business so you can shift culture.

But How?

We will assess the current state of your brand, quickly decide where to focus our energies and get to the creative work of branding.

Here are some of the things we could work on:

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> MISSION. if you don’t know what your goal is as an organization is or if that goal is too scattered or vague, how can you know your brand and brand strategy? Let’s focus your mission so it can serve your brand.

> VISUAL STYLE. Sometimes it’s the visual style that helps you to clarify your brand and sometimes it’s your clarity that shapes the visual style. Whatever we start with, it’s really important to have a style that’s succinct, consistent and in alignment with your unique offering. By defining this style, you can more easily develop your cohesive, clear brand.

> COMMUNICATIONS. Clear, succinct, memorable, these are all things across every part of your brand that you need to have in order to connect with your audience. And, just like visual style, once your approach is clarified, so many other things just fall into place.

> STRATEGY. Maybe your brand identity feels aligned, but you still aren’t getting the business you deserve. Let’s develop a strategy for driving business.

> WEBSITE DESIGN & REJUVINATION. If you are working with Squarespace, I may just go right in there and vamp it up. If not, we will create a style guide that can get you in the right direction.

> PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT & DESIGN. Sometimes the best strategy for a business is devote more time to a particular new or even old product. Let’s look at your product and assess it’s potential from a branding & strategy perspective.

“I basically came to BugHouse with a loose idea and left with a full brand direction. I consider Martha almost like the 6th member of the band and wouldn’t be where I am without her.”
— RJ Rabin, Founder of Freckle Legend


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1 day,1-on-1 Brand Strategy Consulting

Let’s spend the day, focused on creative branding, treading the edge of your thinking to find a strategy and actionable plan for that drives your business forward.

What does the full day workshop include:

  • 1 hour preparation; send me all your stuff!  As an experienced Brand maker, I do a preliminary review of materials + after speaking I’ll make sure to pull any relevant materials so we can get to work when we see each other.

  • 30 minute preparation client preparation call where I hear from you about where you think we need to go and focus

  • 8 hour in person, one-on-one workshop where we dig into the determined areas of focus.

  • 1 hour integration call, it’s likely you’ll have a treasure chest of insight and things to do after our workshop. In this integration call, we will address this and get you set up to sail into a brand/strategy that works.


$2,800 for an in person session or $2,400 for a virtual session

Martha’s creative thinking helped shape the company branding and refined our solutions so they each had a meaningful story and impact. In addition to her creativity and branding genius, Martha continually amazed me with her ability to quickly grasp the concepts of the company, research the competitive landscape and come back with thoughtful compelling feedback and new ideas. She never missed a deadline or deliverable and held me accountable to the same standards - which at times was very much appreciated! I would highly recommend her for any project that requires someone who can easily flex between corporate and creative and will continue to partner with her as my company progresses.
— Tammy Alvarez
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6 week Brand/Strategy Intensive


Initially, this looks a lot like the 1 day retreat, but in the intensive, it is followed up with 5 weeks of working sessions and assets from creative hires.

1 hour preparation

30 min preparation client preparation call

8 hour in person retreat

Weekly follow ups for 5 weeks, from 4-2 hours

Includes 2 days of additional Creative Service: web, graphic, writing, ideation, photography



Consulting by the hour or custom package

Have something specific you want help with? Let’s work by the hour or create a project fee, and parameters that make sense to you.