Do you have a great idea but it’s not having the impact it should?

BugHouse Media is a New York City based agency that offers IDEATION, BRANDING & STRATEGY + MEDIA CONSULTING for culture shifting projects.


Culture Shift Consulting is about creating shifts in thinking to garner attention and business.

It starts with….

CRACKING OPEN YOUR THINKING AS A BUSINESS, so you can start to intrigue, entice and WIDEN the thinking of your customers…all so you can MAKE THE IMPACT your business was meant to make.

Are you the right fit for CSA?

We have worked with all kinds of people and businesses from artists to big corporations; but as we nurture our focus on Culture Shifting…here’s what our clients can or could look like:

Perhaps a big business who has a special mission to support female leaders or maybe a small businesses who focuses on female empowerment coaching, or a non-profit fighting the plastic industry or LGBTQ rights or gender equality, or maybe a town-hall movement a mensuration awareness movement, or perhaps a sustainable bag business or an environmental art curator or maybe the UN or the woman’s march. You get the picture.


Are you as BIG as you can be? Do you STAND OUT? And are you being creative about HOW YOU ARE GETTING THERE?

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