Martha Williams, Founder & Creative Director


Martha Williams, Founder & Creative Director of BugHouse Media, is an award-winning film director, event maker and former multi-media, dance-theater director whose work has been seen and celebrated in the US and abroad. With this, she is also a Content Creator and Creative Consultant for hire, bringing her wild, winsome approach yet web-like thinking to everything she does.

Tulepo Productions, Production Partner

Tupelo Productions is a an is an award-winning production company that makes commercials, PSAs, narratives and documentaries. We can make you snazzy images that wow with a great edit - this is easy. So what makes us stand apart from a thousand other production companies? We care about the archetype that fuels your piece. This archetype is present within all of us just waiting to come out. It's the skillful arrangement of ideas, visuals and sounds that lead the viewer on a journey that lets them connect with your story. This is NOT about the story, as some other companies might tell you, rather it's about using the story to form the connection between your message and the audience. The clarity of that knowledge is what stands us apart from others who deliver empty slogans devoid of any depth.

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